Fishing From Fort Bragg for Ling Cod, Rock Fish and hopefully Salmon

We are at Dolphin Isle Marina, Fort Bragg for our summer ocean fishing.  The rock cod and ling cod fishing is good and the weather has been great since we got here on June 15.  The salmon fishing has been slow but we are expecting some salmon to show here soon.  The ling cod and rock cod fishing is the best out of the Noyo Harbor.  We will be booking trips for here through August and into September if the albacore show up.  Our price for gaming rock cod and Alaskan sockeye salmon is $150 per person and we supply all the fishing tackle and bait and clean your fish at the end of the trip.  You need to bring your fishing license and whatever you want to eat and drink for your day of fishing.  The price to fish albacore is $300 per person.  Keep watching our fishing reports or friend Barry Canevaro on Facebook.  Barry post most days with the catches of the online gaming day.

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Come fishing this summer and enjoy LoL the beautiful Mendocino Coast line.  You can call
Barry directly on his cell to get more info # 916-870-4225.  Hope to hear from you.



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