Fall Delta Salmon & Striped Bass Fishing

The salmon and striped bass are in the delta system. Trolling spinners from the Rio Vista Bridge up to the Ferry has been quite productive. The salmon seem to move from one side of the river to the other depending on the concentration of boat traffic. The salmon are heading up the Sacramento River and the catches of fish are getting better every day from the Rio Vista Bridge up to Walnut Grove. The water has cooled a little and will continue to get colder as the days get shorter. Most of the salmon are very bright and silver that are being caught. There is still quite a bit of grass in the river so the incoming tide has been the easiest tide to fish.

The stripers are here. Along with catching salmon the striped bass are moving around the delta too. There are all different sizes of stripers being caught. The West Bank of the Sacramento below Rio Vista is very consistent trolling shallow. There have been both striper and salmon caught on the west bank trolling.

As this Delta water cools the sturgeon fishing should pick up. It’s been quite warm this last week but the sturgeon are beginning to move around.

Can’t wait for the water too cool just a bit more to enhance to bait fishing and get rid of some of the grass that has invested the delta. The Fish ‘N’ Fool IV is back in Isleton and we have been catching fish.

It’s time to book that salmon or striped bass fishing trip. Some days both fish can be targeted depending on the tides. Give us a call at (916) 870-4225.

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