Back in the Delta Fishing Striped Bass out of Isleton

Our summer ocean season has ended and we are back in the delta fishing for striped bass out of our Isleton location.  We will be fishing out of Isleton from now through September.  The stripers are moving back into the delta.  There are still quite a few small stripers in the day but some of the larger fish are beginning to move into the area.  We will be out the next couple of days and hope to have some good reports. Trolling the P-Line Angry Eye and Predators has found success on the right part of the tides.  As the water cools the fishing should get better.

We will start sturgeon fishing as the fall begins.  We are looking for charters for our sturgeon trips.  Our charter rate is $1000 for up to six people.  Call us to get aboard for the season.

We are booking open loads for striped bass and the price is only $175 per person.  We supply all the fishing gear.  All you need to bring with you is what you want the eat and drink for the day of fishing.

Let’s get ready for a great season.  Hope to hear from you soon.






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