The Fall Run of Stripers on the Sacramento River begins as the River Clears and

Hooray, the Sacramento River from Isleton on up is finally turning around on the tide and the water is clear and the stripers are making their way up the river to spawn.  The late rains have caused a later start to the fall run of stripers on the Sacramento River.  Lots of the striped bass made their way up the river as it was too dirty to troll.  The conditions have improved and the stripers are here.  Now is the time to book for some good action catching striped bass on the troll.   We have already got stripers to 10 pounds today and have just begun.  This fishing is getting better each day and will continue through the spring run.  Trolling is one of the ways to catch the moving stripers.  We have been using P-line Predators and P-line Angry Eyes and some Rattle Traps depending on the depth of water and the location on the river to entice the stripers.

As the striped bass run increases we will consider 1/2 day trips.  Just call us to get all the information on these trips.

Now is the time for fun action catching striped bass in the River.  Give us a call to get aboard now while there is room.


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