Summer Ending and Fall Delta Fishing Begins

We want to thank all the people who made it up to Fort Bragg for our summer ocean rock cod, ling cod, salmon and albacore fishing.  The ocean weather was unpredictable at times but the fishing was good.

The albacore showed up pretty early but the ocean water had a way of keeping us from all the trips we wanted to make.  Yesterday was our last albacore trip and it was slow to start but ended well with lots of fish a little over 30 miles out.  We will finish the season with salmon and rock cod and will be back in the delta starting September.

The Fish ‘n’ Fool IV will be berthed, once again, in Isleton and we have trips started for river salmon and striped bass.  The water is still a little warm but the fish are in the system.  Everyday is different now so when you find some fish it can be productlive.

Give us call for the Fall Delta season.  We have lots of openings.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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