Springtime Conditions Begin Slowly

The river waters are beginning to clear slowly after a very wet season.  We have not seen this much water in the river in a lot of years.  These conditions should clean the river system and enhance all the fishing as the water gets clearer.  Through all the wet and dirty water the sturgeon fishing has been good in Suisun Slough and the Suisun Bay region.  Now that the conditions are better we have the Fish ‘n’ Fool IV back in Isleton for the spring.

The sturgeon fishing should remain excellent for the next month and the striper fishing will get better each day as the river clears.  Every day is different now depending on the water conditions.

Trolling is starting to pick up for the spring run of stripers going up the river.  Most of the action has been on deep trolling at this point but shallow trolling will begin as the water gets clear. These conditions remind me of the good old days when this is how is was each spring, lots of sunny days with springtime wind.

Sturgeon fishing is always good during the spring.  The best baits have been ghost shrimp, eel and salmon roe.

If you want to get out this next month give us a call at (916) 777- 6498 or my cell phone (916) 870-4225. We have lots of room but are starting to book in for the spring run of stipers.   Looking forward to a good month out of Isleton.  Hope to see you aboard.





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