Spring Delta Fishing

This spring has started out with slow fishing due to the very wet and rainy winter. The Fish ‘n’ Fool IV has moved to Lauritzen’s Yacht Harbor for the beginning of this spring season. We are fishing both striped bass and sturgeon right now. The rivers are still flowing hard and are barely turning to an income tide.

Trolling for striped bass has started with success most trips. The San Joaquin system has been the most productive the last couple of weeks. The trolling on the Sacramento has been a bit slower due to the water clarity and movement. The slower tides have been the most productive. There are a lot of small striped bass in the system so persistence pays off. The bait shops are getting shad at times and this could be the way to catch some of the stripers.

The sturgeon fishing has remained quite consistent through the winter. The sturgeon are not bothered by the dirty water. The best baits have been salmon roe, eel and when available shrimp. The sloughs held a lot of the sturgeon during the high flows. The sturgeon are now cruising most of the delta waters. If you find them you could catch them.

We are looking forward to a good spring season. Call us at (916) 870-4225 to get aboard for some striped bass and sturgeon fishing.

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