Lots of Water and the Sturgeon are Here

The month of February looks real good.  The long range forecast is excellent for the next few weeks.  As long as there is this fresh water flowing through the delta the sturgeon fishing should remain very consistent.  The delta hasn’t seen fresh water like this in a couple of years.  Our primary target for fishing is the sturgeon.  As the water starts to warm and clear we will once again look at more striped bass fishing along with the sturgeon.  This is what we have been waiting for to catch the diamondsides.  Eel has been the best bait.  The shrimp baits are becoming available again and could be very productive.  Lots of scent on the baits helps when the water is colored.

Now is the time.  The weather looks like it is calming and warming the next couple of weeks and the tides look good.  Let’s get one of the big sturgeon while the getting is good. Give us a call to book now.  We have lots of room both for open loads and private charters.  When the wind is down the fishing is good.


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