The Holidays and Winter is Here in the Delta

Happy Holidays to all the fishermen.  Just give us a call and get a Gift Certificate for fishing for your special one.  It is that time of the year.  The rain came and now the delta water is getting dirty with lots of debris.  This is what we need to clean the delta system some.  A good flush of water coming down the rivers is good for the system.

The sturgeon fishing is what comes alive with this fresh water.  There should be good fishing from above Rio Vista down to San Pablo Bay.  Depending on the tides and the weather there will be some catching going on soon.  The best baits have been eel and salmon roe, along with the shrimp baits when available.

The dirty water conditions of the delta will slow the striper fishing down. This is the time that some of the larger stripers could find their way into the system and as the water clears the striper action will pick up.

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