Fort Bragg Run Down

Our time is at Fort Bragg is moving.  The weather this year has been the problem.  Each week seems to bring a few really good days and then the wind and seas come up and make it uncomfortable to fish.  The rock cod and ling cod continue to be very good.

The salmon in the area has been very spotty.  There seems to be nice pockets of good salmon fishing above Fort Bragg and below Fort Bragg.  The salmon in the Fort Bragg area, so far, have not been the big fish that we like.  When the wind and sea comes down later this week we will be out hunting for large salmon, luckily we always carry the best hunting and survival knives so we will be able to skin it and cook it as soon as we hit shore.

Of course, we will continue loading the boat with the best bottom fishing in the area.  This beautiful Mendocino Coast is one of the best areas for quality bottom fishing.

No albacore reports, so far.  The weather has not been good to hunt the water breaks for the albacore.  We will continue to hope that this next month brings some calmer seas to find the albacore.  If and when they show up we will let you know.

We have a few open loads coming up.  Want to get aboard?  Just call me direct on my cell: 916-870-4225.

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