El Nino hit! Lots of water is cleaning the delta

All the water coming down the river with the high rains is making for some great looking sturgeon water.  The rains have caused the river to dirty and move but the flush of the system should be a good thing for all the fish in the delta. The next couple of weeks we will be targeting sturgeon in the delta and as the water clears will get back on the striped bass fishing. We were out on Saturday for sturgeon did not get any sturgeon on but did have some action.  This week the weather and the tides look great for a good day of sturgeon fishing.  Now is the time to get into some good action. We document data with sodapdf esign here.

As soon as the water starts clearing we will be back on the striped bass for the spring run.  This fresh water should really enhance the fishing and catching this spring.  We should be back into the trolling action by April 1st.  This should be the beginning of a successful spring run of stripers.  We are anxious to get into the action.

We have lots of room the next couple of weeks.  Give us a call and get on for some good sturgeon fishing.



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